Asset Owner Series

The NYSSA Asset Owner Series is a collection of exclusive events for investment industry executives looking to improve their asset management strategies and advance their market knowledge with the guidance of some of the most experienced minds NYSSA has to offer. As of December 31st 2016, NYSSA’s Asset Owner Series will have hosted asset owner CIOs, Deputy CIOs, and other asset owner senior executives who collectively and directly oversee north of $10 trillion in assets, since the beginning of 2016. The Series also will feature an additional $10 trillion in direct asset owner AUM over the course of 2017, in addition to an Asset Manager CIO Roundtable featuring roughly $10 trillion in direct AUM oversight.

According to OEDC and World Pensions Council estimates, there is approximately $95 trillion in institutional investor (asset owner and asset manager) AUM globally. NYSSA's Asset Owner Series will feature industry leaders who collectively and directly oversee north of $30 trillion in AUM, or approximately one third of total institutional assets globally. To NYSSA's knowledge, at $30 trillion by the end of 2017, the Asset Owner Series will be the largest gathering of directly managed institutional assets across a roughly 20 event dedicated series in history.

This Series was founded by NYSSA's 2016 Benjamin Graham Distinguished Service Award recipient, 2015 Volunteer of the Year and 2013 Young Investment Professional Award recipient, Thomas Brigandi, in collaboration with a team of over 100 industry leaders who are sourcing speakers from their respective networks on behalf of the Society. The Series is being spearheaded by volunteer leaders Thomas BrigandiDeepika Sharma, CFAPatrick Holert, CFA, CAIAJae Yoon, CFARoberto Peralta, CFA Michael Weinberg, CFA;Robert Discolo, CFA, CAIA, CPAMaria Shtrapenina, CFA; and Christopher Cutler, CFA.

2016 Year in Review

2017 Asset Owners Series schedule:

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  • April 6 2nd Annual Single Family Office Conference
  • June 15   2nd Annual Multi Family Office Conference
  • July 20   2nd Annual Endowments & Foundations CIO Roundtable
  • Aug 17 2nd Annual Single Employer Corporate Pension Fund Conference
  • Sept 14   3rd Annual Sovereign Wealth Funds Conference 
  • Sept 28   3rd Annual National Pension Funds Conference 
  • Nov 16 2nd Annual Public Pensions Funds Conference
  • Dec 7   Annual State of the Union Pension Funds


  • Feb. 18 3rd Annual Insurance Company Chief Investment Officers Roundtable
  • March 15 NYSSA Asset Owner Series Inaugural Capstone Summit
  • April 5 3rd Annual Single Family Office Conference
  • July 19 3rd Annual Endowments & Foundations CIO Roundtable
  • Aug 16 3rd Annual Multi Family Office Conference
  • Nov 15 3rd Public Pensions Funds Conference

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