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Find Your NYSSA Niche: Volunteer Group Meet and Greet

Find Your NYSSA Niche: Volunteer Group Meet and Greet


Author: Jared Steckler (Host)/Friday, February 24, 2017/Categories: Gallery

Program Details

Lend your voice and interact with any of NYSSA's 18 Volunteer Groups:

Join us for this complimentary member event, where NYSSA will facilitate introductions with members of common interests. Learn just how vital NYSSA's Volunteer Groups are to the NYSSA community, as well as the mutually-beneficial extent to which your involvement can benefit—both—your professional career, and the Society as a whole. 

Attendees will meet fellow NYSSA members in an informal setting where they will discuss:

  1. Finding and joining specific group(s) of your interest—see list below!

  2. Volunteer opportunities that offer the experience and gratification of working alongside NYSSA leadership to better the society without the serious commitment.

  3. Bounce new ideas off of one another, including events, initiatives and even potential new Volunteer Groups.



     Research Group



More Information

NYSSA Thought Leadership Groups Groups are communities of like-minded individuals who share professional interests, build networks, and exchange actionable ideas. Many long term, trusting, and profitable relationships are built within these groups.

Members may join any number of groups.

What Does Volunteer Group Membership Involve?

While each Group's respective focus may vary, agendas include:

  • Building relationships with related organizations on Wall Street.

  • Interacting with CFA Institute to help shape Capital Market Policy.

  • Providing leadership in the industry.

  • Providing support to targeted groups, such as military veterans.

  • Planning conferences, curating event themes and inviting industry-leading speakers.

  • Publishing research.

  • Supporting NYSSA via invaluable volunteer-work while guiding both membership and policy decisions.

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