Are You a Great Equity Research Analyst? Self-assess With GAMMA PI™

Watch James Valentine, CFA, author of the book Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts, provide you with various steps (GAMMA PI™) to self-assess and improve your critical skills to be a better and efficient research analyst. See the schedule below for various webinars.

Upcoming Courses

Online Courses

Identify and Monitor a Stock's Critical Factors online

* Improve stock picking and communications by quickly deciphering which information is likely to be material for a stock call

* Identify the 1-4 factors most likely to cause a stock to out- or under-perform during a typical investment time horizon



Generate Differentiated Insights Through Better Discovery, Questioning and Influencing online

* Cultivate and utilize proprietary sources of insight to create differentiated and impactful stock calls

* Conduct interviews with company management and information sources in a manner that will yield investment insights



Apply Practical Valuation Techniques for More Accurate Price Targets online

* Improve setting price targets by objectively assessing the market’s psychology towards the stock at present and in the past

* Better calibrate price targets by correctly identifying the catalyst likely to move the stock and evaluating realistic upside and downside scenarios



Master the Stock Call Techniques of Highly Experienced Analysts online

* Ensure an out-of-consensus critical factor and catalyst have been accurately identified and thoroughly researched before making a stock call

* Make more accurate stock recommendations by identifying the ideal entry point and avoiding the most common mind traps



Communicate Unique Stock Calls Successfully So Others Take Action online

* Ensure research is expectational, novel, thorough, examinable and revealing before communicating to others

* Communicate stock-related messages in a manner that is differentiated, validated, conclusion-oriented, easy-to-consume and aware of other views



Maximize Your Time for Alpha Generation online

* Prioritize 7 key tactics and 30 traditional equity research activities to support the goals necessary for becoming a top-performing analyst

* Utilize best practices for scheduling, prioritizing and working more efficiently




James Valentine, CFA, is author of Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts, founder of AnalystSolutions, and a former top-ranked analyst. Major North American investor polls ranked James Valentine among the top 3 analysts in his sector for 10 consecutive years. Forbes identified him as one of the top 3 among all 2,000 U.S. sell-side analysts. At the height of a highly-successful career as an analyst, he was asked to take on a newly-created role as Director of Training for Morgan Stanley’s Global Research department. After successfully implementing a new training program for 500 analysts and associates around the world, he decided to leave the comfort of his position – to help even more analysts. He then wrote the best-selling book Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts and founded AnalystSolutions to help analysts apply best practices for creating and communicating alpha-generating ideas.

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