Become an Instructor

Turn your financial proficiency, on-the-job experience and teaching skills into a worthwhile opportunity as a NYSSA instructor.

Why should you become a NYSSA instructor?

Rewards: Visibility to our 25,000+ database of finance professionals, flexibility with time and course development, and the satisfaction of contributing to the investment community.

Flexibility: NYSSA professional development courses generally are 4-hour or 8-hour one-day courses. This gives you time to pursue other professional aspirations. Our Education Manager will work with you on scheduling courses. 

Networking: Meet other elite financial professionals while showcasing your financial know-how and teaching skills. You may meet a future colleague or business partner.

Full support: NYSSA handles logistics such as copies, book purchases, and IT needs so that you can focus on your course.

How do you apply?

NYSSA requires a proven teaching track record, outstanding communication skills and hands-on expertise in your area of finance. You should have an advanced degree or a minimum of ten years in your field, and experience teaching and developing courses in your area of expertise. Two references plus copies of your past course evaluations are required.

1.   Review our current courses and review descriptions.
2.   If you think you qualify, please submit your resume for consideration to: Mario E. Carias, CFA, Director of Education and Test Preparation at

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